6 worries of millennial nomads

We are millennials and our generation is more depressed than any other before us; we are called lazy and entitled while facing completely different challenges than Generation X or Baby Boomers, and it has a huge impact on our mental health. Finding a job is basically hunger games, and a lot of us already have huge college debts and degrees that often mean nothing more than just a few fancy words on paper. All of this is not helping our developing anxieties, depression and many other mental problems.

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Cowspiracy: environmental impact of your everyday diet

It might seem a little out of the blue, but this week instead of our usual posts about traveling and the Gay Stuff ™, we would like to talk about something a bit different that’s also close to our hearts. Namely about a movie we’ve recently watched called “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret”. It’s a feature-length documentary about the impact animal agriculture has on our environment and it caught our attention for many reasons. Continue reading Cowspiracy: environmental impact of your everyday diet

guide: LGBT+ travel

Attitude towards LGBT+ travellers can be very different around the world. While some countries organise multiple prides all over the country, same-sex marriage & adoption are legal, and being queer is overall not so bad there, in others you can get imprisoned or even stoned to death for being who you are. It might sound weird to you – especially if you grew up in a more tolerant environment- but keep in mind that we only have your best interest in mind. Continue reading guide: LGBT+ travel

Brussels & Antwerp: cities infested with zombies

For our first visit in Belgium we have chosen its capital – Brussels- for obvious reasons. Usually if you can only pick one city from a country -the capital is the way to go. We added Antwerp as well, because there was an Antwep Pride organised there at the time and it turned out to be a great decision! Antwerp, although smaller and less famous, made a bigger impact on us: it was definitely less boring. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves- let’s start from the beginning. Continue reading Brussels & Antwerp: cities infested with zombies