42 days of travel, 42 euros – is it possible?

13 thoughts on “42 days of travel, 42 euros – is it possible?”

  1. Wow, 42 euros in 42 days is literally amazing. So inspirational! Proof that you don’t need to be rich to travel! Can’t wait to read more about your travels 🙂


  2. You all have such a positive vibe! I’m impressed by the story and I agree that Couchsurfing is a great opportunity to travel and meet new people. I’m waiting for more stories! ❤


  3. Hi,
    I find it super-courageous of you guys to travel on such a tight budget. I hope I can gather the courage to do that someday soon.

    I read a couple of your posts and really loved them. Going to read all of them for sure!
    All the best for all your adventures 🙂


    1. Thank you! We’re glad that you like what we write ❤
      This will sound a bit frustrating, probably but: just do it! We also have a lot of worries while travelling like that, especially that everything is so uncertain. But when you start to do it you will see that other people won't let you starve to death and they'll try to help you during your trip. And it's so amazing! You can start with a backup plan in mind like having money in cases of emergency (but trying not to use it). And we really recommend busking – it helped us a lot in some situations

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