Free travel: poor gays, but still on holidays

8 thoughts on “Free travel: poor gays, but still on holidays”

  1. Great post! The first time I traveled alone (at 16) I had nothing but a train ticket and some money in my pocket. I traveled with a 13 year old friend to Copenhagen where we stayed in a squat. A couple of years later I spent two weeks in Berlin almost without any money. Stayed in a squat and went dumpster diving.


    1. You were both very young! When we were your age we were convinced that you have to have some money to travel and that travelling usually is just buying a whole, all-inclusive trip and staying the whole day on a beach…


  2. Interesting! I’e always thought that people who are up to this are very courages, ’cause for me there would be to many unknowns – but as you say this is liberating in a way. Great post! Made me (re)think my travelling plans.


    1. We’re also scared and stressed every time we decide to go and travel like that. Because, as you said, there are so many unknowns: we never know of we will have a place to sleep or what to eat the best day. But it’s very liberating and makes us feel amazing when we see that we did it. And not only did it, but did it in a great way. It makes us stronger. And we feel that we can conquer everything in life!
      Hope it’ll make your travelling plans even better!

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