guide: 9 steps to be a successful surfer on couchsurfing

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    1. Thank YOU for reading! 🙂 Definitely tell your kids about it – couchsurfing is a very great experience! And in Paris, as they probably get a lot of requests, it is going to be quite difficult so they need to remember about our tips!


  1. 1. Make sure your profile is full of important information.
    I couldn’t agree more. It’s always nice to get an idea of who’s coming and it helps to decide
    on who to host and who not to host.

    2. Upload some nice photos showing your beautiful face
    Yes! Some people have photos of them that are shot from far away, so you
    can only see that there’s a person on the photo. As a host I don’t want to see that, because I
    know that there’s a person coming – I want to see the persons face. Who is coming to my home?

    3. Find a host with similar interests
    Yes (and no). I’ve ended up with some religious freaks at my place, so now I’ve added
    a piece to my profile about that I don’t want to have guests who doesn’t drink alcohol. Most religious nut jobs stay away from alcohol… At first I was thinking about writing that you’re not welcome if you don’t drink alcohol and don’t eat bacon, but that would leave out a whole lot of cool vegetarians – and vegtarians are welcome, so I just wrote the thing about alcohol.

    4. Write personalized- not copy-paste- requests
    Sometimes I’ve received extremely long letters as requests, which is overkill. You don’t have to write long love letters or anything, but you always improve your chances when it’s not copy/paste messages. Personalized requests are nice. My favorite question in requests:
    “should I bring you something from the tax free?”

    5. Exchange basic info
    Definitely! And be specific!
    One couple (from Poland actually) told me that they were landing at Oslo Airport at 22:00, so I thought: “OK. The next day is a workday, but they’ll be at my place maybe around 23:00 or even earlier, so it’s OK for me to host them.”
    Then, the night they arrived, they woke me up at something like 01:00 (I can’t remember the excact time) after I’d stayed up late waiting, then gave up and went to bed and fell asleep.
    They arrived at Sandefjord Airport, 110 kilometers from Oslo and 2 hours on the bus.
    If I’d knew that before, I wouldn’t host them when I had a workday the next day.

    It’s always good to be able to reach the host/guest and a phone number is the best option. Some travelers don’t have a phone with them while traveling and in those cases
    it’s important to be specific: “I’ll be at your place around 17:00”, or “Perhaps we can meet at the cafe in blah-blah street at 17:00?”

    (more coming up in the next comment)

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    1. Thank you for such a long comment and a lot of info added! We are also hosts now so looking at it from this perspective ads a lot more to our experience with cs.
      I guess we were lucky that we managed to stay at your place before you put that info about the alcohol ;))

      We can’t wait for another comment!


  2. Good advice! One thing I would add is “read your future hosts profile propperly” I have both surfed and hosted quite a bit and there is nothing more annoying than surfers who obviously haven’t read my profile (e.g. asking me to host three people when I say I really only have space for one).


  3. Thank you for this…I have some crazy trips coming up that I bought tickets for and haven’t worked out the details. I’ve always been slightly skeptical of using this app but now I really wanna give it a try. xxxxox


    1. You need to definitely try it! It’s great! Although just a few days ago they changed their policy and now you can send only 10 messages/requests per week for free and you have to pay for a verified membership to be able to send more (or you need to host at your place: one your guest for 3 months of being verified). So it’s going to be way more difficult. You can also try equivalents like bewelcome or trustroots although there are way less members there and we haven’t tried it yet


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