guide: LGBT+ travel

18 thoughts on “guide: LGBT+ travel”

  1. I worked in a hotel in the U.K. where we had a reasonably recent guest book knocking about (well, from the early 2000s, which is recent to me, OKAY!?), just because no one could be bothered to throw it out really. I’ll always remember an entry from a gay couple who mentioned that they check into hotels with trepidation for fear of being judged but were pleased to have had a warm welcome. How sad to have to feel fear just for loving, even in England in the 21st century. Great that you’re giving tips on staying safe though.
    PS if hotel staff are judgy about homosexuality then they are also blind, deaf and dumb; there is so much dubious and salacious stuff going on in all hotels that is actually worth being sketchy about!


    1. It’s great that you and your co-workers treated them normally!
      It’s really sad that we still have to worry and be in almost constant fear, even in quite tolerant countries. Fortunately, it’s constantly changing and more and more people are seeing lgbt people as normal and are treating us normally! Hopefully, one day queer people won’t have to worry! And we’re working hard now to make that happen


    1. That’s so nice! I’m glad you don’t have any trouble, especially that SE Asia is not considered a very open minded area by many. Although we would count those “a few strange glances” as discrimination.


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