6 worries of millennial nomads

We are millennials and our generation is more depressed than any other before us; we are called lazy and entitled while facing completely different challenges than Generation X or Baby Boomers, and it has a huge impact on our mental health. Finding a job is basically hunger games, and a lot of us already have huge college debts and degrees that often mean nothing more than just a few fancy words on paper. All of this is not helping our developing anxieties, depression and many other mental problems. Continue reading 6 worries of millennial nomads


guide: LGBT+ travel

Attitude towards LGBT+ travellers can be very different around the world. While some countries organise multiple prides all over the country, same-sex marriage & adoption are legal, and being queer is overall not so bad there, in others you can get imprisoned or even stoned to death for being who you are. It might sound weird to you – especially if you grew up in a more tolerant environment- but keep in mind that we only have your best interest in mind. Continue reading guide: LGBT+ travel

25+ free must-have apps for fellow travellers

It can be hard nowadays to go by without the constant access to the internet. (Damn Millenials and our weird fixation with technology, am I right?) Smartphones, pads and smart watches play a big role in people’s lives and definietly make it easier for travellers. They can help you navigate, contact your friends or find tourist attractions around you easier. Continue reading 25+ free must-have apps for fellow travellers

guide: busking – making money on the road

Many people have wondered how did we manage to survive having only one euro a day, constantly changing cities, and still had the money to buy ourselves some delicious toast bread and chocolate spread every other day. We hitchhiked and used couchsurfing but we needed money for food from time to time. How did we get the extra money? There were no mystical powers involved, we promise! The answer is actually really simple: we busked. Continue reading guide: busking – making money on the road

guide: 9 steps to be a successful surfer on couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is a super important part of many budget trips. It gives you the opportunity to sleep for free, to poop and shower in a place that’s not a forest, and to make some delicious instant noodles. Most importantly, couchsurfing gives you the chance to meet really incredible people and fellow travellers that will shower you with stories about their journeys and maybe even help you get inspired when it comes to your own trips. Continue reading guide: 9 steps to be a successful surfer on couchsurfing

Free travel: poor gays, but still on holidays

Budget traveling is not for everyone as it can be sometimes very pungent- simple as that. There are many different types of traveling: group tours, weekend getaways, RV road trips, event travels, package holidays and- of course- budget traveling. Some people want to have everything planned out: hotels booked, attractions and museums paid for; Others don’t care about the destination- the only thing that matters to them is the road itself. People can choose the way they travel based of the thickness of their wallets, interests or higher motives. Continue reading Free travel: poor gays, but still on holidays