guide: LGBT+ travel

Attitude towards LGBT+ travellers can be very different around the world. While some countries organise multiple prides all over the country, same-sex marriage & adoption are legal, and being queer is overall not so bad there, in others you can get imprisoned or even stoned to death for being who you are. It might sound weird to you – especially if you grew up in a more tolerant environment- but keep in mind that we only have your best interest in mind. Continue reading guide: LGBT+ travel


Brussels & Antwerp: cities infested with zombies

For our first visit in Belgium we have chosen its capital – Brussels- for obvious reasons. Usually if you can only pick one city from a country -the capital is the way to go. We added Antwerp as well, because there was an Antwep Pride organised there at the time and it turned out to be a great decision! Antwerp, although smaller and less famous, made a bigger impact on us: it was definitely less boring. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves- let’s start from the beginning. Continue reading Brussels & Antwerp: cities infested with zombies

25+ free must-have apps for fellow travellers

It can be hard nowadays to go by without the constant access to the internet. (Damn Millenials and our weird fixation with technology, am I right?) Smartphones, pads and smart watches play a big role in people’s lives and definietly make it easier for travellers. They can help you navigate, contact your friends or find tourist attractions around you easier. Continue reading 25+ free must-have apps for fellow travellers

year summary: 2016

Well, the 2016 has finally come to an end. It’s now the time when everyone is summing it up and you can read their “bests” and “reviews” everywhere. We thought we could join in, since it’s a nice and fun idea to reminiscence a bit about our previous adventures. Here are some of our highlights and personal favourites from this year. You can read about our best memories, see some numbers and check out our blog review! Continue reading year summary: 2016

Metz & Frankfurt: the worst night and a change of plans

On our way from Switzerland back to Germany we decided to take a break in a small city in France called Metz. The road was a long, and the city seemed and looked cool; that is how we ended up there for two nights. In this post you can read how our plans changed completely and about our first very bad night. Those days were very stressful, yet we still enjoyed the trip. Continue reading Metz & Frankfurt: the worst night and a change of plans